Amanda Sandton

Amanda Sandton

Meredith’s on the run. What’s to become of her?

She’s put over 3,000 miles between herself and Kempton, her one-time abuser, but he’s so obsessed with her, he’s followed her from Vermont to Oxford in England. Escaping his clutches again, she seeks refuge on a long sea voyage to give her wealthy Aunt Clara the chance to have him dealt with.

Once on board the “RMS Albion”, eighteen-year-old Merry meets a danger of a different kind, an attack on the protective cocoon she has built around herself against her horror of sexual intimacy. She meets the charismatic Captain Maynard, a man well-seasoned in the art of love-making. He intrigues her, and she finds herself falling for him.
He’s a good teacher, and she wants to learn, but her past trauma threatens her chance to enjoy consensual sex.
Will the Captain persevere and bring them both happiness, or will he decide Merry’s fear is too great a challenge even for him?

Join Merry on her voyage of self-discovery. Meet the Captain and see what you think of him. Will you love him or hate him? And as for Kempton, will he manage to track Merry down again?

(The love scenes in this book make it suitable for 18+. This is the story of a young woman coming to terms with her past and seeking the happiness all women deserve. Book 1 ends with a cliffhanger, but Merry will have her Happy Ever After in Book 7.)

There is a Print compilation of Books  1 to 4 available for order from your bookseller or library who will purchase it from Ingram Spark – ISBN 9782901556558. A Print compilation of Books 5 to 7 is similarly available – ISBN 9782901556565.