Amanda Sandton

Amanda Sandton

A very special Storyteller

Amanda’s romances take as their theme the problems faced by modern day women. Her heroines learn to cope with what fate has thrown at them and to turn adversity into a Happy Ever After. This is never easy, but they don’t give up, and they succeed in earning their happiness through perseverance-with a little help from Cupid.

Amanda has lived and worked in seven countries. Her international experience and knowledge of different cultures enrich her stories and provide the perfect backdrop for her heroines’ adventures of the heart.

Amanda’s Heroic Dogs

Half Siberian Husky and half Border Collie, Amanda’s dogs combine the gentleness of the Husky with the intelligence of the Border Collie.

The black and white dog is the male and is called Zed. He’s a sweetie-pie. His sister is called Malaika, the Swahili for “angel”.

They were fearsome in their defence of Amanda when the wild boar attacked her.