"Love a Gypsy" - Book 1 in "The McDeglin Clan"

I hadn’t seen Dane McDeglin to speak to since I was six. Twelve long years. Not since my tomboy days when I used to sneak over the fence into the gypsy campsite, and tag along with his gang of gypsy boys.

At twenty-three he was even more devastating. Over six foot and with a body worthy of a bare knuckle champion. Successful businessman to boot.

Yes, I was badly smitten – I always had been – and he seemed to like me at first.

But nothing could have prepared me for the way our past history would rise up and sucker-punch what we felt for each other.

(If you click the Buy Now button, it will take you straight to Amazon where you can read the preview, before deciding whether to buy or not. For the other books in the series please see the details below for The McDeglin Clan. Ends with a cliffhanger, but eventual ending with be ‘happy ever after’.)

Introductory price of only 99 cents in the USA and 99 pence in the UK.

Available in Kindle Unlimited.

Beautiful Gypsy Horses

Sturdy but graceful with their flowing manes and tails, and their feathered legs. When I earn enough as a writer I am going to buy the field next to my house and have one of these glorious creatures come and live with me. Video by Mark J. Barratt. Thank you, Mark!


My Gypsy Lover

This is Book 2 of the New Adult Romance series, The McDeglin Clan,  and continues the story of Rikky, a 'settled' girl, and Dane, an Irish Traveller.

Eighteen-year-old Rikki Ottaway has returned from boarding school to find that her father has remarried without telling her. As if that wasn’t bad enough, his new wife is Maeve McDeglin of all people. She’s the mother of Rikki’s ex-boyfriend and lover, Dane McDeglin.

So to her horror Rikki has to spend the summer holidays in her overcrowded family home with Dane, her new stepbrother. He is the one who broke up their relationship. Now he will be here, there and everywhere, and Rikki will have to deal with his presence every day while nursing her broken heart in secret.

Will Rikki and Dane be able to rub along as step siblings or will their relationship become even more hostile?

The McDeglins are Irish Travellers or gypsies, and so this marriage draws Rikki’s family into the Travellers’ conflict with the local council.

Besieged both within and without will Rikki have the strength of mind to cope with this situation?


(If you click the Buy Now button, it will take you straight to Amazon where you can read the preview, before deciding whether to buy or not.)

Parts 1 to 3 are available in Kindle Unlimited.

This part ends with a cliffhanger but the eventual end of the story will be a Happy Ever After.

Love a Sailor

Part 1 of the 7-part New Adult Romance series, Love the Captain and is FREE on all major sites.

Eighteen-year old Meredith Roxley foils an abduction attempt by Kempton, the man who sexually abused her when she was in her early teens. When Meredith reports the incident to her Aunt Clara her aunt spirits the family away on a three-month sea trip to keep them safe while she has Kempton dealt with.

On board the MV Albion Meredith meets Captain Raphael Maynard, a handsome hunk of a man, well-seasoned in the art of love. Meredith finds herself falling for him, but two things stand in the way of any love affair: an age gap of twelve years and Meredith’s fear of sexual intimacy.

Will the Captain persevere in his attempt to free Meredith from her psychological bondage, while knowing nothing of her history? Or will he decide the effort is not worth his while?


(If you click the Buy Now button, it will take you straight to Amazon where you can read the preview.)

Parts 2 to 7 are available in Kindle Unlimited.

This part ends with a cliffhanger but the eventual end of the story will be a Happy Ever After. (The adult content of the story makes the series suitable for those of 18 and over.)

Joyce's Awakening

The is the first book in the series, First Time at Forty, part of the du Lamond Family Saga. FREE on all major sites.

Joyce has just turned forty. She holds down an important job as a Chief Probation Officer in Westport, Conn., but her personal life is bleak. She is still a virgin – lonely and unfulfilled. Out of the blue she receives a visit from a TV company. They present her with an offer to take part in a new reality show which will feature her initiation into full womanhood. She is affronted and refuses point blank to accept their proposition. Then she meets the ‘lover’ they have lined up for her, the charismatic Raoul du Lamond, a wealthy vineyard owner from the Bordeaux region in France.


Parts 2 to 5 are available in Kindle Unlimited.

(The adult content makes this book suitable for 18 years and over.)

Waking the Wolf

Waking the Wolf can be read as a stand-alone full length novel although it does have some of the same characters as the series First Time at Forty.

With looks to die for and a moody temperament, Jean-Luc du Lamond is the Director of the French government's wolf conservation program in the National Park of Alcantour, in the French Alps. His fiancée left him three years earlier for a better job in England, complaining that he spent more time with the wolves than with her. True, he loves his wolves, but she didn't do him justice. Beneath his disgruntlement with womankind, lies a deep and passionate nature.

Sylvie Latour is a twenty-one-year old from Clarksville, Mississippi. A recently qualified veterinarian, she is sent on a six-month placement to the wolf project in France at the beginning of the European winter. She arrives to find the wolves are under threat from illegal hunting. She has had her own heartbreak and is as wary of romantic involvement as Jean-Luc is.

Right from the start, they rub each other up the wrong way. Repulsed and attracted by each other at the same time, they run the risk of missing out on what could be. This personal antagonism affects their professional relationship, and threatens the success of their mission to protect the wolves.

Will they be able to put aside their differences and co-operate to hunt down the poachers, and perhaps learn to like each other along the way?


17 plus – The sex and love scenes, set against a backdrop of cruel winter beauty and man’s inhumanity to the wolves of Alcantour, are an integral part of the love story and serve to enrich the reader’s romantic and sensual experience.

Available in Kindle Unlimited.

Where can you find my books?

The FREE books are available on all major sites. The others are available for sale on Amazon Kindle or to borrow on Kindle Unlimited. The earlier books are available on Createspace and I am working on uploading my whole catalogue to print.

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